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Welcome to Madeleine’s Preschool

Madeleine’s Preschool offers an MEAB accredited, Montessori Method of Learning with both Arabic and English trained Montessori teachers for two- to six-year-old children.

Parent Testimonial

"Our son has been a student at Madeline’s Pre-school for 2 years, and we have seen his development progress in such a positive and encouraging way.   My wife and I are very happy with how the school engages the children in wonderful activities to keep the learning process fun and interesting. I highly recommend Madeline’s Pre-school for young children as it helps to provide a solid learning foundation to enter and prepare for the elementary stage of schooling, as well as shape the children’s learning habits in an effective manner early on.  It’s a wonderful and positive environment and the staff interact so well with the children, they are attentive and compassionate which shows that Madeline’s Pre-school has the well-being of its students learning, education, social and emotional growth a priority."

    Zayed Alraee’s father

    "When I enrolled Mohamed, I knew that MPS was a school I could trust. I noticed a positive change in his social awareness, creativity, and ability to articulate his thoughts and feelings. Not only are the teachers at MPS highly qualified and Montessori trained, I really appreciate that they build a relationship with the kids. My son loves, feels safe with, and often talks about his teachers at home and I love that!"

      Mohammed Al Awadhi’s Mother

      "MPS is a great school. We are very happy with the management, teachers, and staff. The school is giving a lot of exposure to the child using an excellent academic program and co curricular activities. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development. We are very satisfied."

        Yasmeen Almaskati’s mother

        "Madeline’s preschool continued to be my first choice for all my children to start their development journey through to the end. I'm so fond of its nurturing environment and unique application of the Montessori Method."

          Hassan and Fatima’s mother

          Principal’s Message

          “At Madeleine’s children are given the respect and care that is the right of every child.”

          Mrs. Madeleine Almoayed
          Principal, Madeleine’s Preschool
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