Our Mission & Vision


Madeleine’s Preschool was established in 1983 and is an accredited Montessori school incorporating the Montessori philosophy and method of learning in a well-planned environment in which the child develops a positive attitude towards learning independence and respect for the rights of others.

The children leaving Madeleine’s Preschool are well prepared for kindergarten/primary education.


We value the importance of implementing a learning foundation that is based on hands-on experience allowing the child to truly understand the basics of literacy and mathematics. Children are given the opportunity to follow their natural curiosity for learning by working with materials and activities that allow them to explore and experience success.

  • We maintain a high standard of bilingual (Arabic/English) education.
  • We employ both Montessori and qualified and experienced early childhood trained teachers to implement an environment and curriculum which meets the needs of our children.
  • In-school and external training of Bahraini teaching staff in Montessori method of education.
  • We aim to help our young children to become happy and successful learners.